Would you like to pick up locally in Centre Wellington?

All products in our on-line store will price with shipping anywhere in Canada. Our production is located within Centre Wellington Ontario but is not open to the public daily.

If you live in or around Centre Wellington, Ontario and would like to arrange local pickup simply load your cart and select "Warehouse Pick-Up" to complete the process. Send us an email at admin@idiotwithwood.com or call us at 416-550-3105 to establish the date and time for your pickup from our shop.


As any wood product is made, there is inevitably an amount of sawdust and wood chips produced.

The finished product, whatever it is, lies beneath this layer of sawdust and wood chips. The goal of “An Idiot With Wood” is to find the treasure which lies beneath that which is discarded.

There is no mass production in the shop at An Idiot With Wood. Each piece produced is thoughtfully planned and crafted to ensure it will earn an honored position in the home of those who purchase them.

While the idiot does make use of technology (laser engraver, CNC and other tools), they are used to enhance the craftmanship and uniqueness of each piece. The use of technology also provides the opportunity to make the final product truly unique to the owner.

Imaging owning a one-of-a-kind charcuterie board with your wedding vows engraved to commemorate your special day, or a cutting board engraved with a cherished family recipe.