An Idiot With Wood

Chipping away at the sawdust to reveal the beauty inside!

Some of Our Products

Stephen, the resident idiot, believes that each piece of wood contais a beauty that simply needs to be uncovered.   Working primarily with wood that is sourced locally within Wellington and Waterloo Counties in Ontario, he seeks to find the ideal use for each piece. The preferred wood is Black Walnut but he also works with other local varieties such as Northern Catalpa, Honey/Black Lucust and Cherry. Some of the favourite imported woods are Olive, Kona, Western Red Cedar and Puple Heart.

Charcuterie boards have been more in demand as people seek ways to enhance their indoor space with rustic yet eligant styles. The addition of a Black Walnut board, with live edge design and an all natural bees wax finish will beautify any table. Many brides have also choosen to use live edge center pieces to their guest tables to augment their stunning table length charcuterie on the head table.

The Lili Makes brand was created after insperation from his two grand daughters. The line of bird houses have grown from the original North American Tree Swallow house to now include Sparrow, BlueJay and Robin nesting boxes. The variety of Bat Houses have also become very popular due to the abilty of bats to greatly reduce the mosquito population in an area.